You Must Give In Order To Receive

The circumstances in the world today have changed and even though we are all in the same boat we are all experiencing a different storm right now. What goes on in the world is affecting us differently, for some people, this is a pause, some people are feeling very anxious, some people have lost or may lose their jobs and some people have gotten sick or know someone who is sick or even past away.

Regardless of what storm you are currently facing it has never been more evident than the world we live in is digital. People across the globe are managing their jobs, social connections, and staying in touch with relatives and friends by utilizing the technical services that exist today and allows us to connect from home.

This technology is not new, the services based on this technology is not new. The usage of these services is not new, but the visibility of the digital world we are living in has never been clearer.

As horrific as times might be there is an opportunity in this situation. Let us take a closer look at the definition of opportunity. Most people look at Opportunity incorrectly and define it as something “to get” but Opportunity is all about GIVING. How can I give more value? How can I be of better service? How can I help more?

When you look at Opportunity from this perspective everything changes, and you realize that opportunity is everywhere. You can always figure out new ways to provide more services. When you start to operate from this perspective and give more, the funny thing is, that you get more.

A lot of people, across the globe, shift mindset, and help each other in uncertain times. Youngsters help elder to shop for groceries etc so they can maintain social distancing. Coaches and trainers offer free or discounted recorded training and webinars and reach more people than ever before. Restaurants shift from “come to eat” facilities to “take away deliveries”.

You must give in order to receive. There is no other way.


Consider this. You sit in front of a fireplace and expecting to get the heat before you give the wood. It doesn’t work that way, you put the wood in and then you get the heat.

This is exactly what the SFM opportunity is all about. To provide value. This is more visible now than ever. We give people the opportunity to shift their lives and become self-reliant online.

Think about it, self-reliant means that you never again need to rely on anyone or anything else than yourself.

Becoming a full member of SFM is attached to a monthly subscription fee of 97$ but the amount of value you receive in return –  guidance (from us and the mentors), training, coaching, tools – by far exceed this and enables you to start your own business quicker, better and smarter. Again, you need to give in order to receive.

The more value your business gives your customer, the more you receive in return. This is all in harmony with the law of compensation.

The law of compensation states:

The amount of money you earn will ALWAYS be in EXACT ratio to:

  • The NEED for what you do
  • Your ABILITY to do it
  • The DIFFICULTY  there will be in replacing you

Is there a need for people to learn online marketing/selling skills?

  • Studies show that over 50% hate the job they go to every day
  • Predicted sales this year (2020) is expected to reach $4 trillion and continue to increase and more than 4,5 BILLION people are online in the world today.

Are you able to do it?

  • The SFM is a training academy to provide the skills, tools, and systems necessary to develop your ability.
  • In the community, we have people from all walks of life, some just starting out and others earning 7 figures online, all helping each other to succeed.
  • On your way to developing your ability, you are able to earn while you learn.

How difficult will it be to replace you?

  • It depends on how much value you give! GIVERS GAIN!

We GIVE you the OPPORTUNITY to change your life. If you take it or not is your CHOICE.

Live with Karma


Co-founder, UnlimitedKarma

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