You DO Have Enough Time…

I dont have time….

I often hear the argument “I dont have time to start a business online”. Sure, like any new skill it takes time to learn how to set up a business online. But once you have overcome the first threshold and managed to set everything up – you have a business that works for you 24/7, 365 days per year. 

With todays smart tools and automated systems you can grow and expand your business without increasing the number of hours that you work. 

All humans share the same allocation when it comes to one resource. TIME. Regardless of who you are, where you live or what you do. we all have 24 hours per day or 168 hours per week. 

The hard truth is that “I dont have enough time” is a lie, the truth is “I dont feel like that it is enough of a priority in my life”. It all comes down to priorities

 What is your priority?

It’s not what we say is a priority, but what we actually DO that’s a priority.

Example: If you say “oh I LOVE reading, I just don’t have time for it.” In reality, this means that your are putting everything else in front of reading: watching TV, staying up late surfing the internet, and so on.  Once you realize & acknowledge this it is time to reflect on how you spend your time. 

Last year a study showed that the average american adult spend 5 hours / day watching TV. THAT IS 35 HOURS / WEEK or almost equal to a FULL TIME JOB.

Hopefully you are not even near these numbers but do you know where you spend your time? I mean REALLY KNOW?

Try tracking your time over the next few days in 30-minute blocks. How much time do you spend on watching TV, social media and internet, cocking, commuting etc?  I bet you’ll be surprised. 

I guarantee you can find at least two hours / day of time that you can prioritize differently. Putting those two hours into building your own online business, over a period of time, will not only create a thriving business but also give you more time. Ironic isnt it

“I dont have enough time” is not only a poor excuse, it is the exact reason why you should start an online business so you can have the control you want over your time and how you spend it in the future. 

So, dont procrastinate, take action & make your time a priority and start your own online business now. 

Get Started Now!

“What is not started TODAY is never finished TOMORROW”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe







Co – founder, Unlimited Karma


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