Work For Satisfaction And Get Things Done!

Work should be where we get our source of satisfaction!

We are not made for work. Work is made for us.

So, what if we don´t like the job we have? How can we make a change?  The work I hade was certainly NOT made for me.

Imagine your ideal day. Picture it as vivid as possible.  You have to understand what makes you happy, how your days would look like if there were no “buts” and “when”. And you need to understand that you´re worth it. You are worth living every day of your life to the fullest.

You can not manage time – you can manage activites.

Do you do things other people want you to do, that you really don´t want to do?

Take an hour and list the things you do that other people want you to do which would not qualify as progressive action activities. Why do you do them?

Pay attention to your activites! More people are held back from success because they don´t know how to get things done. They are held back by indecision, not believing their dreams can come true. Their daily work lacks meaning!

There is a large group of people who know what to do and almost do it on time. They almost cross the finnish line as number one. They almost become leaders. They are forever looking for that last missing piece!

Make a decision – and stick to it!

Maybe you want to know everything before you make a decision. You weigh the pros and cons against each other.

This is a common strategy known as READY – AIM- FIRE and this is what most people tend to do. The problem with this is it prevents you from taking action. To know everything before you start is IMPOSSIBLE.

When you change your decision strategy to READY – FIRE- AIM  strange things start to happen. What it means is basically that you get ready the best you can in as short time as possible; take action; then correct as you move along. Then you fire again.

With this approach instead of creating a loop of thinking, you create a loop of action that allows you to move forward.

When your are open and say YES to opportunities strange things happen.

Suddenly, you receive more opportunities to consider. It´s like the universe acknowledges that you are ready for something new and provide the opportunities to you.

So, don’t procrastinate – TAKE ACTION 🎯 – adjust and see MAGIC occur in your life.
Live with Karma
Co-founder, UnlimitedKarma

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