Who Says What to Whom and Why?

Why are we so quick in following others before controlling the accuracy in what´s been handed and shown to us. We scan social media for “news” as everything is written and shown in media for us is the truth.  When did we stop thinking for ourselves?

In this modern society, the most that come to our attention is through newspapers, TV, the Internet, advertising, and social media. We need to start using our brains and be more critical to sources!

Who Says What to Whom and Why? Keep this in mind when reading through headlines, blog posts, ads, etc.

When you work with an online business there will always be good and bad reviews of your business, what you are promoting, or want to teach others. But when someone is eager to stop people from buying a product or signing up for something that they base their own promotion and ads to oppress these businesses or products it tells you something.  

Even before social media as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram media was used to manipulate and give us false data. The biggest difference today that it goes so much faster.

A unique study got published in March 2018. A group of scientists at the research institute Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) went through 126 000 tweets that had been shared by 3 000 000 users more than 4 500 000 times. The false news was shared between 1 000 to 100 000 times while news that was true wasn´t shared more than 1 000 times.

The group of scientists also noted that the headlines for the fake news tended to be more original than for the true ones.

Keep this in mind before sharing from the Internet:

When something just has happened, the eagerness of publishing is more important than waiting for the whole picture and this news will for sure be edited over time. But you might have shared the wrong news already?

Do not trust a source that is anonymous!

Do not trust news that quotes other news, with a source that is anonymous!

Think before doing or you will become a distributor of fake news.

Never base your opinion and choice on what someone else´s saying or doing. I for one never listen to others, I go directly to the source and find out for myself. Never stop thinking for yourself.

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