When You Change The Way You Look At Things

Sometimes in life, regardless of what you do for a living, you feel stuck and unable to find a way to move forward. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, things just don’t seem to work for you. So, you take a break, do something different and then try again –

with the same result.

The map is not the reality. We react to our map of reality and not reality itself.

Everyone who has experienced this knows how frustrating this can be. In NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) there is a basic assessment that states “the map is not the reality” – what it means is that we react to our map of reality and not reality itself.

Have you ever experienced that you and a friend look at the exact same thing, a building for instance, but you see two completely different versions of the building? This is due to that you apply filters to the reality. Filters, based on your perspective and background (beliefs, vision, memories, etc).

Therefore, when you are stuck you need to find a way to change your filters to get a different view and a new version of the map.

I know a very successful trader who was facing a losing streak, he was very disciplined and followed his strategy to the point but despite this, he was unable to break the streak of losing. In trading, as you risk money with every trade you take, you can imagine how tough the situation becomes.

So, he did something radical, he moved his office (he was working from home) from one room in the house to a different room on the opposite side of the house. By doing this he created a new environment, the size of the room was different, the light was different & the sounds where different. This created a new perspective, new filters, and a new map. Therefore, he started to look at the charts differently (he didn’t change his strategy – he continued to follow his pre-made rules) and he managed to break the losing streak that he was in.

I am not suggesting that you should re-decorate your house the next time you feel stuck in your business but try something that can change your perspective and that allows you to see things differently.


Work from another part of the house, and if this is not doable, work from the other side of the table, work in your underwear, or dress up and work in a suite – do something to change your map.

When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.

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