When You Are Feeling Stuck In Life

The world changed in 2019. And it will never be the same again. For good and for bad! We can´t just focus on all the bad things that have happened due to the pandemic.

We need to start seeing all the right things too. See how people have come together, how some businesses have prospered when others have closed. And how the environment has improved.

We do not travel around the world to attend business meetings – we use the technology. And by doing so, we also enhance our lives by getting so much more quality time with our family and friends, time for reflection and sleep. We have time to take up our hobbies or discover new ones.

But it is also very easy to feel stuck.

We can´t travel, visit places or old friends. All days look the same. The struggle trying to find new recipes, kick the butt out of the sofa and go for a run, drink less than 6 cups of coffee per day… Nothing really exciting happens! And you can´t do anything to change it; it´s out of your control.

We will be able to travel again. And to hug our friends.

Until then – paint your walls in new colors.

Take care of yourself.

Live with Karma


Co-founder of UnlimitedKarma

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