What Is Most Important In Your Life?

We all want money. There´s nothing wrong with money but we need to understand the purpose of money. The purpose of a car is not to buy gas, it´s to get you somewhere.

Simon Sinek

Are we working to get a lot of money, because we have so much we need money for – or could we work less, earn less and actually get by with less? For who do we work and for what reason?

If you want all the material stuff, then you need to work for it. When working in the corporate world that usually means working many hours, late evenings, and often also weekends. But do you then have the time to enjoy everything you´ve bought?

You buy this expensive car and drive off to work. In order to pay for it, you need to put in some extra hours, be away from home a lot and probably sacrifice either time for family, friends, life or hours of sleep to free time to actually use the car more than just driving back and forth to your job so you can pay for it!

Does this really make sense? Do I think it´s worth it? No, not at all. Do we use our money wisely, or do we use it according to the rules of society?

I and my husband took the joint decision that I would resign from my job in the corporate world. I was stressed out, had my priorities wrong, and needed a change. I was exhausted with work, chores, and had no time left for what matters. TO ME!  It came to a point where we said – Enough is enough.

I sat up a goal for myself that I would work less, earn more, do something I´m passionate about, follow my desire and not the hidden rules of society, and have more time for my family, friends, and myself.

More for less!

Our online business became my mission. And, as it turned out, it became my joy and biggest interest! With this came a lot of insights on how we´ve wasted a lot of our earnings because we were unable to enjoy our earnings since we stressed about earning more. How could we ever have thought this made sense!

I´ve found joy, love, amazing people, and a new path in the online world and the opportunities that exist in it. Today we earn and we can enjoy what we earn! But the biggest win of it all – I have got my life back and I want to help others to regain theirs.

What is most important in your life, and who will thank you when you are gone?

Live with Karma


Co-founder, UnlimitedKarma

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