What do 5% do differently?

Most people struggle to keep there heads above water. Not only from a financial perspective but in all walks of life. Struggling to keep out of debt, struggling to keep their health and fitness from slipping, struggling to manage their busy lives without stressing out, struggling to juggle their friendships and relationships.

Then, occasionaly you meet someone whos life somehow just to seems to work for. They are not the majority – in fact research are showing it is 1 out of 20, or 5%,  that are achieving a significant measure of his or her goals in life. In whatever terms you want to look at – finance, health, personal or professional.

It means that 95% of us are failing or falling short. Why is that?

The good news is that there is only one difference. The slight edge.

Whatever you are after, whatever you want to create or experience in life, the slight edge is the way to get it. The 5% know how to use the slight edge to get what they want in life – and they do it.

Three frogs sits on a lilypad – one decides to jump off. How many frogs are now on the lilypad?

The answer is three. There is a big difference between deciding and actually doing.

If you will learn to understand and apply the slight edge, you will over time, achieve what you desire. You will be among the 5%. I guess, by now, you want to know what special, magic things these 5% are doing.

I hate to break it to you, the things are not complicated or difficult and they arent very exciting. They dont require any special skills or sophisticated knowledge.

The 5% have mastered the mundane. By constantly do hundreds of thousands small, insignificant simple actions they have created success.

If things are so simple and easy to do, why doesnt everybody do them?

There are 3 main reasons.

Reason #1 – They are easy to do

Jim Rohn stated – the simple things that lead to success are all easy to do. But they are also just as easy NOT to do.

It´s easy to save a few bucks per day. And easy not to. It´s easy to do 15 min of workout a day. And easy not to. It´s easy to read 10 – 15 min in an inspiring life-changing book like: “The magic of thinking big”, “The science of getting rich” or “think and grow rich” and so easy not to do.

We all do simple things every day – the difference lies in which of these mundane actions you choose to do.

The slight edge is always working, whether for you or against you. Becoming aware how it is working will help you take the right actions.

Everything you need to do to transform your life is easy to do. Of course, it´s just as easy not to do. That simple seemingly insignificant choice, compounded over time, will determine your accomplishments. That simple choice you face, every hour of every day. A simple, positive action, repeated over time. A simple error in judgement, repeated over time.

Reason #2 – The results are invisible

The things that create success in the long run dont  seem to have any impact at all in the short run. If you save 3 dollars per day and put into a savings account instead of getting a cup of coffee and you do it all week you end up with – 21 dollars. Big deal. Most people dont do that because they dont see the million in front of them when they do the saving. The million is to far into the future. It´s invisible.

We all know what we are supposed to eat. It´s easy to eat well. But´s it´s also easy not to. Eating the burger is just a simple error in judgment. Eating it today wont kill you – compounded over time, it may. Not eating it wont transform your fitness and health today – compounded over time, it will.

If you read 10 – 15 min in a good book, will your life change? No. If you dont read 10 – 15 min in a good book, will your life fall apart? No.

When you are about to make the choice, you dont see the results, at least not today. This is the problem. As we expect to see results, and we expect to see them now.

That is not how success is built. Success is simple things repeated over time.

Reason #3 – They seem insignificant

The difference between success and failure is not dramatic. In fact it is so subtle that most people miss it. It´s just a cheeseburger. It doesnt really matter.

It´s not hard to see how people come to this understanding of life. I do too. The truth is that what you do matters. What you do today matters. What you do every day matters.

Those small things that will make you successful in life are simple, subtle and mundane things that nobody will see or even notice. They are things that, at the time you do them, feel they make absolutely no difference. Yet compounded over time they make a huge difference.

In the online business these small things translates in to the 5 things that leaders do, every day.

  1. Daily visualization and meditation on your goals.
  2. Income producing activities – place one ad and promote your content
  3. Personal development – inspirational reading or audio material
  4. Mastermind with other leaders – attend live training throughout the week
  5. Cultivate the expectations of leadership – learn, teach, do

5 simple things that are easy to do. And easy not to do. Over time the path you decide to take will add up to an outrageous difference.

The choice is yours.



Co-founder, Unlimited Karma

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