The Secret To Success Revealed In Two Words

By investigating the lives of ”successful people,” scientists have found a common quality responsible for their success. The denominating factor is “a constructive state of mind.”

Psychologist calls this state of mind as a “successful attitude.”

Simple as it may seem, the difference between success and failure comes down to mental attitude.

A positive mental attitude of a person who thinks he CAN is the only difference from a person with a negative attitude who thinks he CAN´T and the ONLY reason why one succeeds and fails.

A person with a positive mind learns and discovers he can do things that inspire him to get things done, so he becomes successful.

Some persons live in the conviction that as they are, so they must remain. The psychological truth is that what is possible for one person is possible for another. The same resources and powers are present in all minds. The only difference is the degree of development.

If you don’t have an “I CAN” attitude today, begin to take a new view of yourself, your life, and your circumstances. As you mentally perceive the better and greater, you will consciously and unconsciously reach out for better and greater things, and gradually your words, thoughts, and desires will strive for progress, and your powers will increase.

Know that you can succeed and proceed to think, live, and act in that firm conviction. All the success you ever want contains in these two little words I CAN.

Persistently think you CAN do what you want to do, and you will soon be doing that thing. When you adopt an “I CAN” attitude, the mind will direct all energies to accomplish that thing. Remember that the simple words of “I CAN” contain the magic formula to all success, and no goal has ever been accomplished without realizing them.

An “I CAN” individual attract and draw us to him. He is optimistic, and we are glad to associate with and to do business with him.

Make a mental picture and hold in mind what you are aspiring to achieve. Begin with a persistent effort to work towards your goal. No matter how bad your first attempts are, they are just the beginning.

Keep in mind that you cannot fail until you give up.

You never fail if you never give up. Keep on trying.

Each effort produces some results.
Success, after all, is only the collection of many good results.

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