The Beauty Of Life

I can never do something just a little. It´s all or nothing. And this means that I usually quit whatever I so eagerly start after just a short period of time.

So consequently I´ve done a lot of different things, but really never succeeded in any. Or?

Have I actually succeeded in more ways than I´ve realized? Have I shifted something in my brain without understanding it and put my mind in another frequency with every time I pursued something?

Progressive action activities = success.

Mistakes = progress. We learn and we grow from them. And if you don´t move into the action of an idea, the idea is useless. So if not moving into action would basically mean don´t bother to have dreams, don´t bother to have ideas. And even so, we are afraid of making mistakes?! Why?

Study your own behavior and you´re gonna see that some of the things you´re doing don´t make sense. Some of the things we are doing are not serving us well – and some do. How could we ever know what´s not good and working if we don´t understand what´s bad and not working?

I have two teenage kids and I want to tell them about every mistake I´ve done in my life to keep them safe, to not having them wasting their time doing something I´ve already done, and already have the answer to or know the outcome of! But listening to them makes me understand that the things I did when growing up are long gone in the past. The whole world has evolved and so has the things we do today, what we work with, what we eat, how we dress, our language.

Our mistakes, our winnings, our progress are part of the world´s puzzle for growth and understanding how to always better ourselves.
But no matter how much progress we do, we´ll never be the best.

There will always be new ways and new things to learn. And that´s the beauty of life.

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