What Does Rehabilitation And Starting An Online Business Have In Common?

In May, I had knee surgery. As I reflect upon the rehabilitation process I find that there are a lot of similarities between rehabilitation and starting an online business.


You have to have faith in the recovery process and trust the advice that you are given by the doctor.

Let’s face it. This is a field that, at least most of us, doesn’t have any knowledge about and therefore you have to trust that the advice that you receive is correct and will help you with a speedy recovery.

You have to, step by step, together with the nurse go through the rehabilitation exercises. To make sure that you perform them correctly, so when you do them you make progress and not harm yourself.

Similar to starting an online business. How?

Most of us have no or little knowledge of what it takes to build a successful business online when we start.

This is an area, that contains lots of components and opportunities but also several pitfalls. So when you start you have to trust the path/guidance that is given to you by your mentors.

Therefore the selection of MENTORS is CRUCIAL. Make sure that you get mentors that put your interest first.

Besides mentorship, you have to have a structured & thoroughly designed training plan to follow. A plan that step by step, take you from one building block to the next in a logical order. Making sure that you learn and make progress and don’t get overwhelmed.


You have to put in the work. You have to DO the rehabilitation exercises assigned by the doctor. Even if they feel mundane, simple, and boring.

And you need to follow the workout schedule that you have received.

Similar to starting an online business. How?

You have to stick with the structure of the training and the schedule (number of hours you can spend on your new business on a daily / weekly basis) that you discussed and agreed upon with your mentor. And you have to do the work.


You have to have patience. Even though you hope for a quick recovery and you do the work, sometimes the progress is not as quick as you would have hoped for. This can cause frustration and put doubts in your head.

Regardless of this, you have to trust the process and have faith that, over time, the results will follow. Which ties back to the first reason above.

Patience is not passive waiting.
Patience is active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals and dreams.




Similar to starting an online business. How?

You have to have patience. There are a lot of new skills to learn and to expect that you will master them directly is not realistic.

Despite that, you do want to see results as a proof of concept that the system works. When the results aren´t showing, it can be frustrating and doubts start to pop up in your mind.

Doubts like:

  • I don’t have what it takes to succeed
  • I knew this opportunity was too good to be true
  • No one resonates with or like what I share
  • I knew that I wasn’t any good at marketing
  • I don’t do well on video
  • I can’t write an exciting blogpost

As humans, we are quite fast to draw these conclusions. Regardless of what job or profession you currently have, you have probably spent a lot of time developing the skills to get you where you currently are.

Despite that, we expect to get results directly when we try a new endeavor. Otherwise, we conclude that something is wrong.

To overcome this, you must follow the path and continue to put in the work. One step at a time and the results will come.

One major benefit as I see it with the SFM opportunity is, in times like these you have access to live webinars with successful mentors that you can attend. Webinars that address common issues and where you can ask specific questions to overcome the struggle that you currently have.

But what I find truly unique is the incredible community of the SFM.  A community that you can reach out to for support and additional help on any topic or problem that you struggle with. You have hundreds of people willing to help you with your progress.

I haven’t experienced this ANYWHERE else.


When you notice the progress and see that results are starting to show, the leg and knee are getting stronger & stronger. Then it is time to leverage, scale, and increase the work.

You can do this in two ways:

  • you can increase the number of workouts you do each week
  • you increase the intensity (weight and repetitions) and stick with your current number of workouts.

Similar to starting an online business. How?

As for your business – once results are starting to show, you should leverage, scale, and expand your activities.


You can do this by:

  • increasing the budget on money that you spend on advertising.
  • you can add a market to your advertising. For instance, if you are focusing on the UK you can add another country.
  • or you can add another platform to advertise on. For instance, if you are using Youtube you can add Facebook.

As you see, there are many similarities between recovery and starting an online business. I think if you have PERSISTENCE, DETERMINATION & FAITH in the process both will lead to desired results.

For the knee in terms of flexibility, strength, and movement. For the business in terms of money and time FREEDOM.


Christer, founder of Unlimited Karma

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