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I have always, always said that the only reason we run into problems is so that we can find new solutions! I never see a problem as a PROBLEM. And what is a problem? A problem for one person could be a walk in the park for somebody else. It´s not my meaning to diminish your problem, whatever it is. Big or small. I´m just saying – take care of every problem like it´s a task to be solved.

Today I came across this quote of Tony Robbins and it made me so happy!  Yey, a great man, and I think alike!

If we never would meet difficulties where would we be today? The reason I opened my laptop today was not about finding this lovely quote from Mr. Robbins. It was actually to get tips on how to stay motivated. It´s one of those days when the weather is grey, cats just sleep, I´m done for the day working with my business and hide behind my screen instead of exercising. What I should do is some work-out, but I need motivation. I have the inspiration… stop

When scrolling through the internet you instantly get many tips on the subject. I took the first one that came up on my screen, 9 brain tricks to build motivation:

  1. Believe in Yourself. Dopamine is one of the brain chemicals most strongly associated with motivation and reward. …  I believe I can, I promise. I do, I do, I do
  2. Recall Pleasant Past Experiences. … Nope, sorry can´t do. There are no pleasant past experiences connected with work-out.
  3. Start Smart. …  Ehhh… with a coffee perhaps?
  4. Change How You View Or Do, A Task. … Tricky one, move on to number 5 pls
  5. Drink Coffee. …  Yey!! I knew it – now I´m on a roll here
  6. Validate Yourself. … Do I really have to?….
  7. Eat Yourself Motivated. …  What?? That is what I have been doing in the first place and therefore need the work-out!
  8. Get Your Brain Going. Well, I do all the time!
  9. Practice motivation. This is something I need to do.

Still stuck with my problem, that´s a gift and not actually a problem, and like any gift, it needs to be unwrapped. My solution is to just do it. Now I will shut down my laptop, change into my work-out-outfit, and just DO IT.

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