Life continues to amaze me. Every single day. How the action, and reaction, we do or have connects a new part of our chain to our existing. Over the years as the chain is getting longer and longer, so is our own bank of knowledge and life wisdom.

Everything we do is connected to the next step, a new way, a helpful knowledge that will take us further and higher. Mistakes and what we wrongly call failures are also a part of our chain.

Have you heard about “The Blue Ocean Strategy”? I hadn´t, but I was told to read this book after attending an event within our training academy.

I took a note about getting this book to read later when I would have the time for it. I felt a bit overwhelmed as I have so much going on at the moment and to start yet another book or training just had to wait as I first have to finish the ones I´ve started.

The following day a member of our community shared his summarize of the book he did back in 2015! A summarize! What a lifesaver! I saved a copy of his summary on my desktop to read this upcoming weekend!

I start every morning by reading 10 pages of the book “Expert Secrets” by Russel Brunson. The first thing I read in this book today, believe it or not, was about the Blue Ocean Strategy! And the core of the Strategy was explained.


Create a fresh blue ocean for yourself. Carve out your own spot in the ecosystem and make people want to dive in. If you jump into an already existing red ocean, you´ll be fighting an uphill battle. But if you create a blue ocean, you will find success so much easier. 


I believe someone really wants me to read this book! 😄  So I will very, very soon! Get your own copy and dive in!

Live with Karma


Co-founder, UnlimitedKarma


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