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This weekend I attended the “Millionaire Mind Intensive” training in Stockholm. This is one of the training programs provided by T Harv Eker and I want to share a quick recap of my takings from the weekend.

The conquer over my own worst enemy.

Last week I hesitated several times if I should go at all for two major reasons.

  1. The training would start Friday morning at 9 am and finish Sunday at 8 pm. Three long days (appr 13 hours/day). An entire weekend away from the family.
  2. I feel uncomfortable in social gatherings and going alone, without knowing anyone, scared me.

Still, I pushed through and decided to go, and even though, the same thoughts occurred during the weekend, I stayed to the end – it turned out to be a lifechanging decision.

I met a lot of amazing, likeminded people, that I know I will stay connected with both through social media and live. People that will help me to take it to the next level.

So, what is the essence of the program? Well as the name of the program reveals it has to do with how rich people think in regard to money and how it differs from the rest of us.

The Secret Psychology of Wealth. At least that was what I expected. It turned out to be so much more….

First day

We started the day with an exercise with the focus to reveal our current feelings towards money, wealth, and rich people. How rich people act in the area of money and a presentation of a money managing system that allows balance, control, and joy around money regardless of your current situation and feelings towards money.

We become AWARE. You can’t change what you don’t know. Awareness is the first step to change.

Without revealing too much, the day ended with an eye-opener for many of us in the form of an exercise involving light and 100$ bill….

Second day

we continued to discover why our feelings around money are as they are and how past incidents and experience from childhood impact how we handle money today.

Often, we are not satisfied with the results that we experience in life and we try to change the results (the fruits). But unless we change what is underneath, the not visible (the roots) we will experience the same results again, no matter how hard we try.

Think about it like this. You have an appletree, and during the summer you take all the apples of the tree and you tape or glue oranges to the branches instead. Now you have changed the results. But next year, it will still grow apples on the tree since you have not changed the roots.

Hence the reason why we spent so much time discovering the roots of our feelings regarding money. In the second half of this day, we started to question our beliefs around money and slowly break the chains of our limiting beliefs.

We started to UNDERSTAND. Once you understand you cant question, challenge, and bring doubts to your beliefs. Understanding is the second step to change. 

Third day

My god, I don’t know what I expected but it wasn’t this. The third day is called TRANSFORMATION day. And for a reason.

We did exercises involving and revealing a lot of emotions, we became Italian.

I had some of the strongest, mind-blowing experiences of my life. One exercise involved celebrating our successes. Since we are not very good, or to be honest extremely poor, in doing that. The energy in the room was MAGICAL.

Just when I thought we had peaked and about to wrap up. The final exercise took it to a level I didn’t think was even possible. I am not going to reveal what it was, in case you consider attending the seminar (which I highly recommend).

What I can reveal is that my feelings about money have changed completely and I now have a Millionaire Mind.

We had RECONDITIONED our beliefs. We had replaced our beliefs around money with new supporting beliefs. Reconditioning is the third step to change. 

By the way, my feelings in other areas of life, like fear and others opinion also changed….it turned out to be a weekend well spent.

Live with KARMA,


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