Make Every Second Count

We laugh 6 minutes every day and by the time we reach the age of 75 we´ve spent on average 115 days laughing. During the same period, we spend approximately 3 years on washing clothes!

We spend 27 days waiting on a bus- or train station. It is also said that we spend the same amount of time, 27 days, to be romantic, cuddle, or watching the sunset.

7 years we lie awake in bed waiting to fall asleep.

A study by Texas A&M shows that the average American spends 38 hours per year in car queues and according to Reader´s Digest men spend 3 000 hours, or 4 months of their lives, shaving. Women spend 17 years!!! of their lives on a diet.

Imagine that you each morning receive 86 400 dollars with only one condition – to spend it all. You can do whatever you want as long as you spend it all. Nothing can be saved. What you don’t spend is destroyed, wasted on nothing. What would you do?

Spend it of course!

Every day you wake up you have 86 400 seconds ahead of you. 86 400 seconds at your disposal to spend however you want. You can’t save them and any second you don’t utilize is wasted and gone forever. What do you do? Do you make the most of them?

On average, the time we choose to relax on the sofa after a day at work or in school adds up to 11 years or 346 896 000 seconds! Statistics show that a child born in 2013 has spent 1 year of his/her time in front of a screen before his/her 7th birthday. Pretty scary.

In today´s digital world the average American spends on average 11 hours per day in front of a screen – computer, mobile, or TV. This adds up to 34 years of your life! 5 years of those is on surfing the internet.

Make every second count. Spend your seconds!!  That doesn´t mean to stop watching TV, relax on the sofa or walk around with long beards in dirty clothes. It means that you should consider how you spend your time and make sure you spend your seconds on your goals and not on anybody else’s.

I´ve promised myself that from now on my goal is to live my life on my terms! A life where I decide when, where, and how much I work. I decide when I have a vacation and for how long. I´m going to spend more time with my kids as they grow up so fast (you don’t get a second chance when it comes to time) and also spend more time with my hobbies.

And after reading the statistics, I will start to be more romantic.

Live with Karma,



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