Is School Really Over?

Think back to your graduation and when you walked away from school without a thought of ever returning. But is this really the case? For some maybe – for most of us it is not.

I think our whole life is a never-ending school, the only difference from our school years is that there is no fixed schedule for you to follow. Instead, the topics you learn, the pace you learn in, and the grades you get are up to you.

I will be honest and admit that I haven’t always had this view on learning, in fact, the first years after I finished school, I had a very laid-back attitude to further knowledge and learning. Of course, I had to learn and develop some skills to coop with the job I had at the time but besides that I didn’t invest any time in reading, studying, and growing.

Due to personal reasons, this changed when I was around 30. I lost my job, I went through a breakup and overall experienced a hard time in life.

To survive, I started to develop an interest in personal development and started to read books by Wayne Dyer that I found on my parent’s bookshelf.  This was the starting point to my reborn interest to learn, improve, and extend my knowledge both in the field of personal development as well as in other areas. And I have continued ever since to increase my knowledge in various fields.

There is a saying that goes “If you are not growing you are dying” and I think there is a lot of truth in that, but it is not just about to add new knowledge. Instead, I think that is more to the concept than just learning new skills. For you to be able to learn a new skill you must sometimes take a step back and – unlearn and relearn – to be able to continue to grow.

Think of your mind as a toilet – you collect a lot of crap over the years and to get rid of it, you must flush (unlearn) the toilet from time to time.

As an example, you may know I love to play golf. When I started to play, I made instant progress and got better quickly. After a couple of years playing, I came to a threshold that I couldn’t overcome no matter how much I played. I wanted to hit the ball longer and improve my short game and the only way for me to accomplish this was to UNLEARN my current golf swing (pattern) and RELEARN a new more powerful technique. This took practice and a lot of patience because old habits and patterns are so deeply ingrained in our memory that it takes time and repetition to change.

But once you relearn a new and improved pattern it is almost impossible to go back to your old habit. This is true for every change in behavior we want to make.

If you have a weight problem, it´s not that due to that you don’t have the knowledge to change. You know that all you must do, simplified, is to eat less and exercise more. This is no secret to any of us.

The hard part is to change the non-supportive patterns that you have. You must UNLEARN. The first step to any change is awareness – you can not change what you don’t know – but if you acknowledge and consider the habits that prevent you from creating a change you can create new habits (RELEARN).

Many people have a problem to acknowledge (even to themselves) they have non-supportive habits, they think it is a sign of weakness. Instead the blame outside events and circumstances. I think, admitting a problem is a sign of strength that puts you in the driver seat of the car that is your life.

The more open and honest you are to yourself you will find a constant flow of opportunities for you to unlearn and relearn. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you as you are, it is just proof that if you are willing to open the lid to your jar – you find endless topics for you to add to your schedule in the school of life.

Live with Karma,


Founder, Unlimited Karma

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