Is Our Decision Already Made Before We Make The Decision?

Do we have conscious control over our lives or do we just think that we do?

Is decision-making really a conscious process or are other forces involved? Do we really take a conscious decision or do we follow deep engraved programs in our subconscious mind?

Neuroscientists have declared that as much as 90% of our lives are controlled by our subconscious mind. That it controls all automated bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, our bloodstream, etc is nothing new but does it also control what we think is conscious actions such as decisions?








Is it so that the decisions and actions you take have already been decided before we say or do them? For instance, before we decide to purchase a product we have already subconsciously made the decision on what product to purchase. All we need to do is execute the pre-made decision.
Sounds simple, right? Why is it that we, sometimes, then have issues to make a decision?

We weigh the pros and cons against each other and feel insecure about what to do but at a deep level, the decision has already been made.

You must learn to recognize the signals (can be very subtle) that the subconscious provides you with and you must TRUST those signals. Some people call this intuition.

And when we follow our intuition and trust it. We make the right decision.
Every decision we take is impacted by this force.
Every goal we are trying to achieve must be backed by our subconscious mind in order for us to reach it. Willpower can get you started but if your subconscious doesn’t support what you are striving for – you will not stand a chance to be successful over time.

The positive side of this coin is that once you have your subconscious mind aligned with your goal nothing can stop you from achieving it. Another positive thing is that your subconscious does exactly what your conscious mind instructs it to do. It doesn’t question you – it just follows your command.

The question then is how do we impact our subconscious mind and how do we change the programs already engraved in our subconscious mind? This will be covered in a separate blog post – until then, be aware of your intuitions because they are signals your subconscious mind sends to your conscious mind.

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