Be inspired, be resourceful with a – peanut

Have you ever felt that you are out of ideas – whether it is what your next topic for a blog or video should be? Or faced with a problem which it doesn’t seem to be any solution to or that you think you have already tried every possible angle.

I used to experience this, in my business and in life, if not daily at least on a regular basis. Recently I listened to an audio-book and in the book, it was a story about the peanut man, George Washington Carver.

The peanut man

If you are not familiar with George, let me share the story with you. George lived in the south USA in the mid of the 19th century and was interested in plants. Many people in the south at that time had been growing nothing else than cotton on their land. The problem with cotton is that it uses all the nutrients in the soil so after a few years the soil becomes “worn out”. This was especially tough for the poor farmers who lived in the area as they relied on selling cotton to support themselves. George wanted to help them.

Carver knew that certain plants put nutrients back to the soil. One of those plants is the peanut. Carver advised the farmers to plant peanuts instead. Since peanuts also contain protein it would not only nutrient the soil, it would also provide food for the animals and protein for the farmers. IT WORKED. Carver was celebrated.


Since more and more farmers followed his advice, planting peanuts, the supply grew larger than the demand. Farmers were stuck with more peanuts than they needed. And no place to sell them.

Farmers again turned to Carver. Since he advised them to start planting peanuts they thought it was his fault that they now were in an even more difficult situation. Carver then invented more than 300 uses for peanuts. 300. Including peanut milk, peanut paper, peanut soap & peanut ice cream to name a few. He thought that by using the peanut for new things they be more self – sufficient and also be able to sell the products to others and gain money to provide for their families.

Get yourself a peanut

Therefore every time I feel that I´m facing a problem, a situation, or any other endeavor where I feel stuck. In need of a solution. I think of a peanut.

If Carver can think of 300 ways to use one peanut. Then there´s got to be a solution to my situation as well.

And it works every time. It may not be the optimal solution or idea that comes to mind but it is enough to keep me going. And by doing that a better solution/idea always presents itself eventually.

“A body in motion tends to stay in motion” – Isaac Newton

So get yourself a peanut and become resourceful.



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