I Miss My Friday-Feeling…

Working from home, with your own business, sure has its ups and downs. The benefits widely beat the downsides; I wouldn´t change it for the world. I have more time for myself, my family, and my life than I ever had before. Some days can feel very lonely and isolated, though you´re by yourself most of the time. The situation in the world doesn´t help either; we´re not allowed to meet, travel and connect in person the same way as before.

However, the greatest change is that the days float together; there are no specific working hours or specific working days. I´m always connected, and I can have a Zoom meeting in the middle of the night due to the different time zones.

And I´m equally always disconnected 😄. If the sun shines and I feel like it, I just go outside for a walk. Or bring my golf clubs down to the range, have lunch with my mum, do the grocery shopping in empty stores, or take my boat out for a run.

What I miss the most though is my Fridays… You know the feeling of closing the business after a busy week, enjoying a Friday steak instead of pasta, watch a movie with a bowl of popcorn, just relaxing knowing the weekend and two days free from work are here.

Useful tips:

✔️Keep regular work hours

✔️Separate work time and personal time

✔️Plan your workday

✔️Create an At-home office

✔️Always dress like you´re at work

Keep track of the weekdays! Close your business on Friday afternoon and allow yourself to enjoy a work-free weekend.

Live with Karma



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