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In the military, there is a term known as “get off the X”. This occurs when the enemy has tricked you into an ambush.

Signs that you are in an ambush are that the enemy has superiority and tactical advantage and the enemy´s only goal is to completely defeat and devastate you. When you are in this position, you are on the X.

The target is to keep you in that position until the goal has been achieved.

The only way to survive an enemy ambush is to get off the X as quickly as possible. To that you must:

Recognize the ambush.

Find a new direction.

Get off the X immediately.

Fight back.

Unfortunately, an ambush does not just happen in combat and even though I hope you never have to experience an ambush in real life there is a lot we can learn from the way of thinking and acting that can be applied in other areas of our lives.

The definition of an ambush in business & life is a catastrophic event that leaves physical, mental, and emotional scars. For instance, a health crisis, a divorce, business failure, or a severe accident.

It feels that you have been caught in a nightmare with no relief, no escape, and no hope. It often results in negative and unproductive responses.

In business – bankruptcy, failure, a hostile takeover, or a lawsuit that threatens your existence.

Anxiety, shame, anger, and depression overwhelm your ability to take action. Personal and professional relations may be full of conflict, infected communication, and damage credibility. People around you may also be effected & may move toward or away from you depending on your condition and response.

You may even feel empty and worthless that life has lost its meaning. In a life ambush, it is normal to question everything and everyone.

When you are on the X you are in no position to accurately and fully evaluate the situation. What you need is a fast analysis to find the best way to get off the X as quickly as possible.

People, who are in an ambush will do anything to relieve the pressure even if it makes the situation worse. But the worst thing that can happen, and does happen, is that people get comfortable on the X.

Very often when we are stuck and unable to move it is the people closest to us, friends and family, who must give us that forceful push. Therefore, it is vital that you have one or several accountability partners, wife, husband, business colleague, friend, etc. that will do what it takes to get you off the X if you are unable to do so yourself.

The most successful people get off the X quickly.

They accept the situation, plan a new course, and move. It is far from easy. In your darkest time, you have to commit, just like the elite forces, to overcome.

An overcome mindset turns adversity into opportunity.

Over, under, around or through –

you will continue to overcome any obstacle. Afterward, you will be stronger than ever. This will propel you off the X.

This mindset will get you off the X but to initially recognize that you are on the X you must admit that you are in an ambush.

This seam self-explanatory but it is one of the hardest things to admit. However, this is the most important step and it adds clarity to the situation.

You get honest about your current circumstances and are able to react.

As I said, earlier, I hope you never have to experience a severe ambush in your life, but with so many things in life, there are various degrees of an ambush.

One form of an ambush may be that you feel stuck, unfulfilled, frustrated, and don’t know what to do to change your circumstances. This is how many people feel in their jobs. They wake up every day (early) and go to a job that they don’t feel passionate about (or worse, hate), a job that doesn’t provide any joy and forces them to give up the things most important to them, time. Time for family, friends, hobbies, and themselves. This leads to depression, lack of meaning, and a feeling of what is the point.

You are now at the X.

If you have the courage to admit this. You have taken the first step to change – awareness. Studies show that over 50% HATE the job that they go to every day. Yet, not many do something about this. Instead they “suck it up” and go through life feeling miserable – they have become comfortable at the X.

Ask yourself: Are you unable to move or unwilling?

Applying the mindset from the elite forces, you know that the only “way out” of this situation is to move. It doesn’t matter in which direction we move, we just have to get off the X.

Once this has been accomplished we can re-evaluate the situation and course-correct if necessary.

In today’s digital world there are a lot of opportunities that exist, and many directions that you can choose from based on your interest, passion, and skills.

Which way to go is your choice but make sure that you take action and GET OFF THE X.


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