Four Stages Of Growth

For you to grow there are four stages that you need to go through.

Stage 1. BONDAGE

You have your “X” type of conditioning and you got your “X” type behavior (you are taking “X” type actions and you are entertaining “X” type thoughts) and you are getting “X” type RESULTS.

Most people are in bondage. Being in bondage does not mean that you are not successful. You can be very successful, but you are doing the same things over and over.

To continue to grow you got to move out of that state and into the state of reason.

Stage 2. REASON

This is when you start to entertain a new idea. A “Y” idea. A “Y” idea is an idea that is different than the way you are conditioned to think. You start to play around with this idea, using your imagination, but you are only doing it in your conscious mind. Your ar still taking “X” type actions and getting “X” type results.

Few people go past this stage. To go past this stage, you have to start to get emotionally involved with the “Y” idea. See yourself already achieving it, feel what it feels like and start to impress this on your subconscious mind. If you do you end up in the third stage. Facing the Terror barrier.


When you impress the “Y” idea on your subconscious mind you hit the terror barrier. What it does is that your paradigm, your mental programming, puts up a battle with your dream and you will start to feel worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety.

All you want to do is run back to safety. To your comfort zone. If you have come this far, this is where it ends for most people.

You start to think “what I am currently doing and where I am currently at is not so bad”. The reason why this is such a scary place is that the “X” and the “Y” conditioning don´t mix well with each other, it is like oil and water and it creates a chaotic vibration in your being. You might even experience physical symptoms such as a headache and nausea.

Every time you go up against the Terror barrier and decide to return to safety your self-esteem will get knocked down. For you to push through to the final stage is that whatever lies on the other side of the terror barrier got to be something you truly WANT. Something you desire.

Joseph Campbell said it beautifully “The cave you FEAR to enter holds the TREASURE you seek”.

Stage 4. FREEDOM

You continue to impress your “Y” type idea on your subconscious mind and you start having “Y” type behavior and do “Y” type actions and produce “Y” type results.

Now you have to start all over again by setting a new bigger, better, and bolder goal for yourself.

When you understand this process, and how it works you will be able to move through it.


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