If you fail to plan you plan to fail

Throughout my life I have had many goals. I´ve had big dreams, life changing dreams and I have sat down many times defining what I really wanted. That part was easy but when I supposed to create a plan to get me to my goal I failed. I didnt know where to start, what to include & how to prioritize.

From when I was a child up until my late thirties I failed to realize more goals than I actually achieved. Lately I´ve been able to turn the wheels around and now I reach most of my goals.

From overweight to Ironman

In 2012, I was overweight and I needed to make a change. My poor fysical shape came from a combination of no exercise and enjoying quick food that constantly surround us today. Food such as pizza, candy, burgers, soda etc. Up until my early twenties I was very active, playing all kinds of different sports and lifting weights but slowly and over time I went from an active lifestyle to basically no activity at all.

At this time I was working with a coach who competed in triathlon. I enjoyed bicycling as a youth and running was something I knew how to do. I was able to swim, however only breaststrokes, and enjoyed water. With some pushing from the coach I decided to attend an Ironman event in 2014 (when I turned 40. Crisis?)

If you aren´t familiar with the concept of Ironman it is a triathlon event consisting of 3,8 km swimming in open water, 180 km cycling and running a marathon. Directly after each other. It´s not a easy race to complete.

Even though it was 2 years until the race I knew I had to get started to even stand a change to complete the race. But how? With the help of my coach we identified 3 initial steps.

  • Start to WALK 3 times per week for at least 60 min & then slowly increase the pace until I was running.
  • Buy a road race bicycle.
  • Find a swimtrainer to learn how to crawl.

These were things I could do straight away. By identifying my present situation and taking these initial steps, the ball was in motion and from there, I (with assistance) was able to build on and develop my plan gradually.

2014 I finished the race in Kalmar, Sweden after 12 hours and  51 min.


What was the difference.

So what was the difference between my early attempts and my more recent ones? The difference this time and why I managed to accomplish a significant goal, lied in the plan. Many people have goals of what they want to achieve but they fail in creating a plan. The reason is that they think they need to come up with the right plan. A plan that will bring them to their goals.

This is very hard – in fact it is impossible to create the perfect plan direct from the start. There are to many variables, circumstances and surprises on your way to success that will require adjustment to the plan. Therefore the plan you initially create will not be the plan that bring you to your goal.

The sense of a plan.

The reason you need a plan is not to create the perfect plan – it is to get you started. A plan with some initial defined steps. A plan that you can build upon and improve as you move along.

You can´t figure everything out before you get started but you can figure enough out to get started. Than as you go along, learn and make needed adjustments to keep you on track towards your goal.

This is exactly how a rocket travelling to the moon works. It knows the target is to reach the moon but on its way it actually is off course 97% of the time. The rockets gyroscope is constantly feeding information back to it´s computer making constant corrections to reach it´s final destination.

With a clear defined goal and a plan to get you started you can use your internal gyroscope feeding information back to your internal computer to make corrections needed when you are off course. This way you will generate the attitude and actions you need to progress and build a better and better plan. In order for this to work you need a place to start.

So forget about creating the perfect plan and make a plan to get started.  This will put you ahead of the majority of people who never create a plan due to the false impression that it needs to be perfect.

If you fail to plan – you plan to fail.


Co-founder, Unlimited Karma

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