Everything Is A Result

I´ve never been a strong believer of “higher-powers”. I´ve been taking days as they come and never really reflected on what, why, or because? I mean, the next day will come whether you like it or not. I remember my friends always thought I was a bit of a pain-in-the-ass-person who never took obstacles for anything more than something to be solved.

Today I started to listen to an audio-book written by T.Harv Eker called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Again, I wouldn´t have chosen this book and topic if it weren´t for my husband. However, this book caught me by surprise. I´ve only listened for about one hour yet, but this Harv-guy opened up to how much we all are influenced by our upbringing and parents. I started to think about how my parents acted around things like money, health, and education – and also how I today act around my kids for the same topics.

And yes, I follow the footsteps of my mother.

She has never said things like “we can´t afford it”, “you can never do this”, this is too hard for you”. And she never saw any problems with anything. She worked a lot, and she gave a lot. We weren´t rich or poor. I got everything I needed and then some. I understand from where my attitude regarding “problems” comes – in my mind, there are no such things as problems, it just hurdles to be figured out and this could even be satisfying, and in some ways, fun and everything no matter how big or small can be fixed!

What´s under the ground change what´s above. Strengthen the roots

What´s invisible creates the visible.

I leave you with everything is a result!

Live with Karma


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