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I am sure you have felt anxiety at some time in your life – perhaps you needed to speak in public, maybe you saw a good-looking man/woman in a bar and struggled with if you should walk up to start a conversation or not. Or maybe you were about to board an airplane.

Regardless of the situation, we all know the feeling and what I now will share will you may have a profound impact on how you deal with this in the future.

Are you ready?

Anxiety and excitement have the same physiological expression in your body – the only difference between the two states is the LABEL your brain chooses to put on it!

If your brain has a logical “good” explanation as to why your body “flips out” – your mind leaves it be.

Take public speaking, which by the way is what people fear the most. The first time you are about to make a speech, your heart starts raising, you feel butterflies in your stomach, your armpits start sweating – you are getting ready to ACT.

The hundreds of times you are about to speak in public, your heart starts raising, you feel butterflies in your stomach, your armpits start sweating – the feelings are exactly the same in both situations, but now you put a different label on it.

This has a scientific term – ANXIETY REAPPRAISAL.

Studies conducted at Harvard Business school show that this technique not only helps in reducing anxiety it also helps us to perform better.

Anxiety is a state of excitement and therefore it is easier for you to persuade your mind that all the nervous feeling is just a form of excitement than it is to try to calm yourself.

Studies show that people who have used this technique and convinced themselves that they are excited rather nervous before speaking public, taken a test in school, or preparing for a big game have performed better than the people who have said that they are nervous.

“I am so excited”

The next time you feel nervous for a test, a big game or a job interview – use this simple trick and take control over your brain and say to yourself “I am so excited”.

Bear in mind, it takes time to learn a new skill, and the first time you use this you may need to repeat yourself A LOT (every minute) to convince your mind that you are excited and not nervous.

Be persuasive, this technique REALLY WORKS.

Live with KARMA,


Christer Karlsson, founder UnlimitedKarma

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