Now that is a fancy word but what does it mean?

Cybernetics is a control system and operates to maintain a definite course of action and it will not deviate from the course that has been established.

Imagine a thermostat that is set on 22 degrees Celsius. Suppose you are living in Sweden as I do and that it is winter outside. Usually, in Sweden, that means it is cold outside with temperatures below 0 degrees.

You pick up a book and start to read but after a while, you notice that the temperature in the room is chilly. So, you put away the book and get up of the chair and go and check the thermostat. It is 18 degrees! What is going on?

You have a look around the house and you notice that the front door has not been firmly closed so cold air has come into the house. You close the door and what happens? The thermostat notices the deviation from the set goal of 22 degrees and immediately notifies the heating system to work harder and the temperature starts to rise and soon it is back to 22 degrees.

Another example is a plane going from Stockholm to New York. Before taking off the autopilot in the plane is programmed with the course to New York. The plane takes off but over the Atlantic Ocean, it is hit by turbulence that forces the plane off course. Immediately the cybernetic system (the autopilot) notices the deviation and adjusts the course and soon you are heading to New York again.

Now, what does this have to do with you?

In your subconscious mind, you too have a cybernetic system. It is your self-image!

Let´s say that you have a self-image of being overweight and decide to go on a diet. By using your willpower you do an excellent job and manage to drop a few kilos but since your self-image is a cybernetic system it notices the deviation from the course and soon the weight is put back on until you are back on course. Unless you change the self-image before you go on a diet the weight you lose will never be permanent.

The same goes for being an entrepreneur, or better yet a successful entrepreneur. Unless you change your self-image to fit your description of what being a successful entrepreneur means to you. You may get temporary wins but until you change your self-image, they will not be permanent.

The question then becomes. How do you alter your self-image?

You must build an image of what you want looks like for you! If you want to lose weight. How will you see yourself, how will you feel, what will people say to you and what will you say to yourself? How will your clothes fit? What will you be able to do (run, jump, cycle, play with the kids, etc)? Be as detailed as you possibly can (clarity is power).
Then you have to keep that image in your mind, be emotionally involved in it (that is why you need the details and involve all senses) and suppress it on your subconscious mind over and over.
Then, eventually, your self-image will shift and the weight you lose will stay off.

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