Cut-Off All Other Options

I think that we are aware of what we do today impact what we will experience tomorrow. The problem is that there is a delay in the gratification because your actions today will have absolutely no impact at all as a single instance.

If you work out today – it will have no impact on your physical wellbeing tomorrow (other than your muscles may feel sour).

What you eat today – won´t impact your weight tomorrow.

What you do today in your business – won’t change your life.

What you do today have no impact what so ever IF it is not followed by consistent performance tomorrow and the next day and so on and so forth.

There is a delay in the gratification of what we do – herein lies the issue we face as humans. The most famous example of this is perhaps the marshmallow test where a treat was placed in front of a child. The child was told they could get a second treat if they just resisted the temptation for 15 minutes. However, if they failed to succumb to the pull of sugar, they only got the one.

The result of the test, and many other tests, is that people are desperately searching for an easy, quick, apparently effective answer to transform our lives.

This has two effects. Either we jump on opportunities with the hope that we have found the holy grail and when we realize that this is not the case we quit. Or the other impact may be the opposite, that we don’t dare to try new things, we tell ourselves – what is the point.

Creating change in life is the discipline to choose what you want. This is true weather you are starting a business, want to lose weight, be financial independent or learn any new skill.

Are you willing to wait for your success?

You have to make that decision and be willing to put in the work, perhaps for a long time, without any visible results. As long as you continue to take small steps on a daily basis and not give up you will succeed.

Did you know the definition of decision? It comes from the Latin word “decidere” which means “to cut off”. So, to make a decision is to cut off all other options.


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