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I have touched on the power of habits before and how important it is to create habits that support you. So, my question now is simply what habits do you have that enables you to continue to progress towards success (however you define success)?

Take a look at the below picture of 12 success habits. Which ones have you incorporated in your life? Maybe you have some of them under control? Maybe you struggle with them all? Maybe all of them are in balance in your life?


The key is balance. Think of these 12 habits as 12 rims on a wheel. Each rim represents a category in the wheel you call life.

If you are strong in some areas and weak in others how do you think this will affect how well your wheel of life will ride? Changes are that it will be a very bumpy ride and you can not go as fast as you would like to. What would happen if you spend more time on the categories, rims, that you had less under control? Chances are they improve, and you get more balance between the rims (categories) and consequently, can drive faster and accomplish more.

When I played golf, I was very good at driving the ball and not so strong in putting and chipping. So, to improve as a golfer, logically, I should spend more time putting and chipping. The problem was, this was hard, and I thought it was much more fun to continue practice driving the ball and hit long shots. Herein lies the problem. It is easier (and more fun) to practice what you already are good at. The problem is that this way your imbalance in life will increase and you have to “slow down” towards your life destinations.

Changing is hard, creating new habits is hard but if you want to accomplish more you must work on your weaknesses

(or find a solution to them – which I will be discussing in another post).

One way to create a new habit is something called habit stacking. Habit stacking is simply a special form of implementing a new habit. Instead of pairing your new habit with a specific time and location, you pair it with a current habit. Linking habits together is to get positive changes in your life. As you perform the stacked actions every day, they become part of your daily routine. Examples of habit stacking:

After I brush my teeth in the morning (existing habit – I hope) I will do 10 push-ups (new habit).

After I sat down for dinner I will say one thing that I am grateful for that happened today.

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