Could Isolation Turn Out To Be The Best Way To Bring People Together?!

We have seen increased marketing in social media and YouTube from people trying to benefit from other people´s fears, uncertainty, and panic.
We chose not to. We are not going to make yet another ad with a headline containing the words Virus or Corona. To make people act out of fear is NOT The right way to go. It´s unethical and we contemn that kind of behavior.
We are here for the long run. the business and the training we are offering ar no quick-fix. Our business is for the committed as a life long solution for those who seek this opportunity for the right reasons!
When we started our online business at the end of 2017 we had no idea what it would give us, if it really would be something for us or if we even could make it. It turned out to be the best decision we´ve ever made. And what´s most amazing is that we have learned and realized that the most awarding we can do is to help and motivate others.

We as humans must help each other. Stand up for each other.

I don´t know what it looks like in your country today, but my Sweden fills my heart with hope and love when watching neighbors helping each other, libraries delivering books to the elderly, taxi companies taking orders and goes shopping to those who can´t, companies emptying their supplies of gloves, masks and hand disinfection to give to the hospitals. Our shelves in the stores are full and we are full of solidarity. I hope we will stay this open-hearted long after this pandemic is gone.
There just have to come something good out of all the bad that is happening. This isolation could turn out to be the best way to bring people together?! We learn to appreciate everything we are so used to always have. And we find solutions we wouldn´t have found if we wouldn´t have had to.
I am working from home and I drink a lot of coffee 😀 , so if you feel alone, isolated and have no one to talk to you can always have a virtual coffee break with me! I would love it!! Let´s make the day a bit happier together!
Send me an email and we ‘ll set up a link to Zoom, WhatsApp or Messenger! Or – write!
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