Change your state – master the triad

Change your state – master the triad

I think we all have, one time or another, felt that it would be great to have a tool that could instantely change how we feel in any given moment.

There are several ways to create change and I´m going to share with you the “emotional triad”. Each and every moment we are in a certain state, it could be happiness, love, joy, anger, anxiety, fear or a whole bunch of other states. What is common for all states is that it consists of three pillars. Our physiology, our focus and our language.

Emotional triad


How we choose to use these pillars, consciously or unconsciosly, determines which state we are in.

Lets have a look at each pillar in more detail.

Physiology – How we use our body.

Every emotion you experience is first felt in your body. The way you use your body biochemically changes how you feel. This is the pillar that has most impact on our state and therefore if you want to change your state – start by changing your physiology, change the breath, change the way you move, change how you sit or stand, change how you talk. For instance – if you want to feel confident – stand tall and grounded, speak loud and clear, breathe fully.

One exercise to try this is to try to feel depressed while you at the same time look up and smile. It´s impossible.

Emotion is created by motion. 

Focus – what we focus & what we believe about it.

The next thing that impacts how you feel is what you choose to focus on. To feel happy, focus on the things in your life that makes you feel happy – like a fun party or birthday.

To feel depressed – you need to focus on something that makes you feel depressed.

Ask “What really sucks in my life right now?” – and I´m sure you can find something that will make you feel really low.

What you focus on, you get.

Language – how we talk to ourselves and what language we use.

The third component that impact you is your words and language patterns. If you say “I feel really tired” you will literally feel tired and it will be very hard to accomplish anything. It simply does not put you in an empowering state.

Being aware of your vocabulary, phrases, statements and methaphors you use are crucial to controll your state.

Buy changing any of these pillars – you will change the state you are currently in. The quickest way to change your state is like mentioned earlier by changing your physiology.

The truth is, you can feel any emotion you want by deciding to feel it.

Happiness is a choice.  So is depression, anger, frustration, or any other emotion.

No one makes you feel “happy” or “angry”, it’s based on how you’re interpreting each situation in your life and the meaning you associate to it.

Take control of the pillars & take control of your life.



Co-founder, Unlimited Karma

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