Learn to capitalize from the digital era – and avoid the risk of becoming a horse

A historical recap

100+ years ago horses were a central part of our society performing farm work, delivering post and on the battlefield for instance. There are still working horses in the world but the population has constantly declined since 1915.

Over time mechanical muscles pushed horses out of the economy. Mechanical minds may do the same to humans!

Learn to capitalize from the digital era – and avoid the risk of becoming a horse

The era of mechanical minds, artificiell intelligence and bots

In todays society new technology is entering our lives in a rapid pace. Smartphones, social media platforms and streaming services or other new technology impact us on a daily basis. Most new technology is considered as good and improving our lives. For instance – in the superstore what used to be 30 humans is now 1 human overseeing 30 cashier robots making the checkout process more efficient.

Traditional jobs in the industry sector have been replaced by robots since many years but their impact has been minimal since they are only cost effective in narrow situations. With the new technology starting to appear in our lives the limitations of what work that can be replaced is far less.

I have a background in the callcenter industry, an industry heavily dependent on human labors but recently the shift started in this industry as well with artificial intelligence and chat-bots replacing humans handling customer queries.

The same goes for the legal sector, health care sector and creativity work such as writers, poets and musicians or any other field. The reason:


Not convinced? Lets have a look (Click to watch)

The introduction of the car in the beginning of the last century was the beginning of the end for the horse. Ironically the car can be the beginning of the end for many humans as well. Or self-driving cars (or Autos) to be specific. Self-driving cars are not the future – they are here and they work.

The question is not if they will replace cars but how quickly. Worldwide 70 million jobs are in the transport industry.

Will automation take your job?

So what are the options?

As I see it you have two choices, you can either sit still and watch the change occur and risk becoming a horse OR you can embrace technology, take action AND learn the skills necessary in our fast moving technical world to SECURE control of your future. The digital era provides endless of opportunities for you to capitalize in the market without being a technical genius (which I am living proof of). In fact – with todays systems you need very little technical knowledge to take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

We have chosen Stuart & Jay from SFM/DEA as partners to participate in the digital gold rush. SFM /DEA provide invaluable step-by-step education, systems,  tools, mentorship, support & community for you to succeed in the online world.

Join us on this journey & participate in the digital gold rush



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