Be the architect of your dream life

Be the architect of your dream life – be true to yourself

I grew up with a mom & dad preaching the importance of getting a good education. “A good education will enable you to get a good job and make a good living” they used to say.

Being the good son I got my good education, I even got a diploma from university. I did get a good job in my parents eyes (and in many peoples eyes). The problem was that my parents version of a good living didn´t match my version.

Even though I worked a lot I´ve never felt truly motivated about what I did. I wanted a life on my terms. I wanted a life of freedom. I wanted a life of passion.

Be the architect of your dream life – the blueprint

If you are being an architect & building a house, you need to have a clear blueprint before you start. What does the ground look like, how big will the foundation be, what materials will you use, what layout will the floorplan have, what colors will the walls have (exterior and interior), what will the kitchen look like, where to put the lightning etc.

To be the architect of my life I needed to get clear on what “my terms”, “freedom” and “passion” really ment. Where would I live? What would my house look like? How much money do I want to have? What would my health be like? What would my relations be like and who will I be spending time with? What kind of car would I drive? Will I travel and where would I go? How do I want to feel?

With a clear blueprint how I wanted my life to be & WHY. Knowing WHY you want to change (your purpose) is important because it will create the drive necessary to push through moments of doubt.

Knowing what & why – one question still remained. How do I realize this?

Be the architect of your dream life – the transformation

In my search I came across the concept of the cashflow quadrant.

The majority of the population are in the left side of the quadrant. In fact 95% of the population are on the left side. For me to be able to create the life I wanted I needed to be on the right hand side. I needed to become an entrepreneur. I always thought that becoming an successful entrepreneur were related to huge startup costs, working around the clock and a big struggle before making it (in best case)  but then I found a guy, Stuart Ross, showing a simple formula on how to move to the right hand side of the quadrant by building a successful business online using easy to use tools to create a residual income.

I started to follow his advice, I put in the work needed and I trusted in the process he recommended. As a result the blueprint of my life has started to become a reality.

Be the architect of your dream life and start creating your blueprint. Be specific. If you dont have the building blocks you need to make it a reality. Find them. Perhaps a free video training series with Stuart can act as the starting point for you to realize your blueprint.



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