Both Inner And Outer Goals!

The importance of having both inner and outer goals.

What do I mean by inner and outer goals?

Say you´re an athlete preparing to compete in the Olympics. Your outer goal could be to win an Olympic gold medal. This is your driving force, what keeps you going, your motivation for the number of hours of training needed to get there.

This goal, however, is not entirely in your control. How much you train and how well you prepare at race day, there is always a risk that a competitor outperforms you and beat you from winning that gold medal you have strived for the past 4 years.

An inner goal, on the other hand, is something you have complete control over and that you can influence directly. Inner goals can be things that help you do your best. Things like technic, posture, breathing, sleep, food intake, and preparation.

Let me translate this into an online business. An outer goal may be to achieve a certain revenue, accumulate x number of leads, or quit your job at a certain date. These things are not fully under your control. An inner goal could be recording a video every day, read 30 min per day, promote your product, and deliver content to your audience. These are things you have direct control over and can influence.

I think it is important to have both.  Big bold outer goals for motivation and specific inner goals to feel that we can accomplish what we strive for, a sense of control and joy.

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