All These Quotes….

Looking through my friend’s posts and updates in social medial.

Quotes. Everywhere.

We all keep on posting quotes we´ve seen and reposting quotes from others. Why?

Do we ever follow these quotes? Or is it just a source of inspiration? Perhaps, we post quotes to make us seem smarter and make others think about how they are, act, do, have, practice, live? I must confess, I post quotes as well. I do this when I find a quote that makes me think. That connects to where I am in life and, personally or business-wise.

Another issue that I find with quotes is that we never really know if the named author of the specific quote is the author. And I must be honest, quite often I´ve never heard about the author´s name.

Most of the time, however, when I read a quote, I forget about it rather quickly. I can give it a nod or a smile, like hey – that was a good one! But then minutes later it´s gone.

I have a couple though I do remember.

Learning is voluntary. Without it, failure is mandatory

Richard Stevenson.

I do not know who Richard is, or if he exists. But I like the quote.

Another one is:

This quote is one of the best! And Zig Ziglar did exist. He is a brilliant public speaker, author, and trainer. And with his accent, he is really amusing to listen to. If you haven’t heard him before I encourage you to look him up!

You know, one of Zig Ziglar’s motto is “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”

That is something I really believe in and try to live my life according to. This is the main focus of our online business. By helping others create changes in their lives and enable them to live their lives according to their rules, we automatically come closer to our goals, dreams, and vision. This is a true blessing.

Let me know if I in any way can assist you in taking the next step in your personal development, in your business and in life?


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