10 000 times

It says that you need to repeat a task or exercise 10 000 times to become a true expert and able to perform without thinking about how you do it.

10 000 times before it becomes second nature and as easy as blinking, breathing and chewing.

1879, Thomas Edison for the first time ever showed a working light bulb. It took him 10 thousand attempts to accomplish this. So many, that people started to ridicule him for failing and claiming insanity. His reply, still in this day in age, is classic – I have not failed 10 thousand times. I have found 10 thousand ways NOT to make a light bulb.

Thomas Edison registered 1093 patents during his lifetime including (besides the light bulb) the dictaphone, the phonograph, and the carbon microphone.


How many times do you allow your toddler to try to learn how to walk before you cut him off?

Toddlers don’t have the barriers children and grown up´s have. All toddlers need to learn how to crawl, then walk and then run. Endless times the try to stand up, just to fall back down. Does it prevent them from trying? NO. They continue over and over again until they succeed (maybe they are on to something here).

The toddler doesn’t see obstacles or hear inner voices telling them it can’t be done. Everywhere around them they see other people walking and are determined to succeed themselves (without knowing it they are on to something else here – modeling. To model someone else is the most effective learning technique available).

Even if they have to do it 10 000 times (hopefully not) they will keep trying. No inner voice saying, walking is not for me, I better stop trying.

This inner voice, full of limitations, sneaks upon us as we grow older. If we don’t succeed directly we stop trying. Sometimes the voice is so strong that we don’t even try before we tell ourselves that we can’t do it.

Why? Is it because we can’t stand failing or do we hide behind excuses? When you try something new it is hard, that is inevitable. Take exercising, why do so many people start to train but give up? Because it is hard, it hurts, your body is sour and every move you do aches. And you give up.

I try to have a different attitude to life and tell my kids, time after time, that there are no mistakes. There are many ways to reach a result and as long as they continue to try, they will eventually find the best way to reach what they want. Not to try because “others can but I can’t” or “they will laugh at me” is self-destructive and prevents you from progress, in life, and as a person.

Exact how many times it takes to learn a new skill varies. For one person it can take a few attempts and for someone else two years. But, in order to learn anything new, you must practice. Simple as that!

Believe in yourself, don’t let your inner voice discourage you, and remember there are countless of ways to reach the result you are after. As long as you keep trying. You can´t lose by taking action, you can only lose by not taking action.

Live with Karma,


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