My journey of becoming healtier has begun. *drum roll*

I don´t see myself as unfit, but I am. Not fat. But lazy and I´m constantly fed by ads telling me just that. Excersise more and keep disease away. It´s quite powerful to use the “disease card”. If nothing else makes you move your lazy hips this is useful. So – by reading my own blogposts I´ve decided to step out of the comfortzone and – Just Do It.


Have you seen how many videos there are on YouTube with programs, ideas, women and men excersising the crap out of their bodies??  Of course you have. Jeeez! Not a bit motivational if you ask me. What an industry! A huge industry gaining from first telling you all the bad things about not excersising and than provide you with a solution that often cost you alot of money. A huge industry that makes money on trying to make everybody look the same, follow the same ideal and point a finger to those who doesn´t follow the sample.

What is an ideal person? What is a person 2.0? Crappy industry. However, I´ve found a person on YouTube I follow and I do the excersise according to the program. For free I must add. Once again I follow my own request to create habits that support me (click here for a fun moment). I go for a long walk 5 days a week and I follow the program every second day. My third workout with the program today and I have found parts of my body I didn´t know exsisted! And I feel gooooood! Suddenly I have an erge to change a lot of other things in my daily routine as well. Such as choice of food! Now I hesitate when reaching for that extra portion when I´m actually full. And I have found cabbage as an alternative to french fries. Whoohooo!

As a funny fact I looked into how much money we spend on gym memberships here in Sweden. A whooping 8 750 000 dollars (8,3 billion SEK). But membership to a value of 3 165 000 dollars (3 billion SEK) are never used. It shows how the anxiety affects us. And affect us even more when we know we´ve bought an expensive membership we never use and we feel guilty and even more as outsiders. To be recognised you need to be fit, excersise, ride your bike to work, love to run a rainy day in the forrest, use a device that log everything you eat and do – plus stream it all in social media.

I´ve read somewhere that the most taken picture from vacations are your feet as you lay back in a deck chair or hammock with the ocean as background. I so understand this picture and I will for sure remember to take loads of them!

So in my quest to become healtier I have to set my goal right. I´m doing this because I want to be able to use a pair of trousers again that I love, for some reason they´ve decided not to fit….  That will be my focus! So, as with everything in life – find YOUR purpose and YOUR goal. Don´t give a crap to others and their believes.

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